•  Причиной смертельной перестрелки в Днепре назвали "экономические интересы" 
  •  Сeпаратисты сбили беспилотник OБСE в райoнe Дoнeцкoй фильтровальной станции 
  •  Донецк и Авдеевка oстались без воды 
  •  Бoeвики oбстрeливали украинскиe пoзиции из «Градов» и минометов 

Mind-controlled commands for Google Glass created in London

To make it real Google Glass owners have to install MindRDR application and buy a Neurosky MindWave Mobile biosensor. NeuroSky MindWave Mobile biosensor looks and wears like a hands free set. One has to wear it together with Google Glass. In turn, MindWave application works as a driver for Google Glass. Once the connection has been made, the user can control the camera interface and upload pictures on Facebook and Twitter by thinking. MindDRD connects Google Glass via Bluetooth with MindWave by measuring of electrical activity in the brain. No physical interaction is necessary.

Dusan Hamlin, the general manager of This Place, stated that at the moment the MindDRD works with four distinct biosensors. In the course of telekinetic developments, the company is planning to support 18 different metrics measured in electrical activity in the brain. Biosensors NeuroSky are free to sell, one device costs $129. The company website purports that the battery power lasts for 8 hours, while the Google Glass working power is enough for 24 hours.


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