•  Причиной смертельной перестрелки в Днепре назвали "экономические интересы" 
  •  Сeпаратисты сбили беспилотник OБСE в райoнe Дoнeцкoй фильтровальной станции 
  •  Донецк и Авдеевка oстались без воды 
  •  Бoeвики oбстрeливали украинскиe пoзиции из «Градов» и минометов 
Monitors at the ‘elections’ at ‘Donetsk People Republic’ (hereafter, ‘DNR’) admit that they are paid by Russia
Intermediate elections in the USA: winners and losers
Ukraine agreed with Lithuania on military cooperation
Ideology perversion of Putin: Crimea is not Kosovo!
Poroshenko, Steinmeier discuss possibility of Weimar format of talks on Donbas
Russia violates human rights in Crimea - Human Rights Watch
Pavlo Petrenko the Minister of Justice of Ukraine says that realization of lustration law will take 2-3 years
Council of Europe officially recognized the fact of military intervention of Russian Federation in Ukraine
Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia: Putin admitted that Moscow can influence fighters
Communists demand to remove Opposition Bloc from elections
Interior Ministry: 85 vote-buying cases under investigation
NSDC denies claim by Human Rights Watch that Ukraine used cluster munitions
Heletei, Muzhenko responsible for Ilovaisk tragedy - parliamentary investigators
Lithuanian foreign minister warns against easing sanctions on Russia
Egor Sobolew will be a head of ministry of justice’s social council dealing with lustration
Poroshenko and Putin ‘agree on full implementation of Minsk Protocol’
EU leaders disagree over results of Ukraine-Russia talks
Van Rompuy: Putin said Donbas is part of Ukraine
Six more Russian television channels could be banned in Ukraine
West ready to fund Ukrainian GTS
Svoboda says it will boycott Rada
Rada approves Poltorak as defense chief
Japan International Cooperation Agency is going to promote new reforms in Ukraine
Petro Poroshenko insists on passing the law about anti-corruption office
Petro Poroshenko Bloc and Liashko political party are leading in the election campaign
The import of defense products is now tax free
Truce with Putin: a victory of Ukraine or Poroshenko’s defeat?
The government introduces the inter-budget relations reform
Protest against the military parade in Kiev, August 15
Ukraine asks Switzerland to hand over frozen assets of former Ukrainian officials
Ukrainian authorities lustration: illusion or reality?

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