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Protest against the military parade in Kiev, August 15

On Friday, August 15, the activists held a protest against the holding of the military parade marking the 23rd anniversary of Independence Day on 24th of August. About 20 people held up posters that said: "Stop the parade”, “War in Ukraine, no ATO”, “Third Maidan, No Parade”, “Stop the Parade of Blood” etc. The participants say they are kievers and volunteers, helping to equip the Ukrainian military in the Anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine.

According to the preliminary data, the military parade will be held on the 24th of August in Kiev and Odessa. The divisions from the ATO area, 49 equipment units, including new BTR-3 and BTR-4 (armored vehicles) will take part in the parade. Besides, it is planned to conduct a prayer service, hoisting the national flag, fireworks and a wreath-laying ceremony near the monuments of Yaroslav the Wise, Taras Shevchenko, Mikhail Grushevskiy and the cross, dedicated to the “Heavenly Hundred" who died during the winter protests. The government, local authorities and the church representatives, as well as the foreign guests, will take part in the ceremonies.


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