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Ukraine establishes the National Office of Regulatory Services

The Outreach Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs that the Cabinet of Ministers decided upon the demonopolization of Ukrainian market evaluation and the creation of the Office of Regulatory Services. The decision was made at the cabinet meeting led by the Ukrainian Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk, on the 20th of August. “During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovich a mechanism was created in which only several firms were allowed to conduct the evaluations and receive all the money. It took me 5 month to implement my order. They did not want to change it. Finally, today this corrupted mechanism will be liquidated”, said the Prime Minister. Moreover, the cabinet meeting made a decision to establish the governmental regulatory services tasked with decreasing the level of bureaucracy in the country, cutting down the number regulation and control functions and bureaucrats.  The efficiency of the state apparatus should be preserved and aimed at “protection of human and civil rights”.

For the next meeting Arseniy Yatseniuk scheduled to review the draft order on reduction of regulatory bodies and inspections. “Since we made a decision to establish the Office of Regulatory Services, which deals with deregulation issues and has right to quash ministerial orders that contradict the law and common sense, - I request to adopt the historical decision on reduction of regulatory bodies and inspections during the next cabinet meeting”, stressed the official.


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