•  Седьмая строка таблицы Менделеева полностью заполнена уже официально 
  •  Андрей Шевченко и сборная Украины могут провести очередной домашний матч без зрителей 
  •  Ночная работа повышает риск развития рака, - исследование 
  •  На этой неделе Верховная Рада не примет государственный бюджет на 2017 год 

Ukraine gives up Russian-made pharmaceuticals

“We used to buy some medications in Russia. However, according to our preliminary analysis, 100% of Russian pharmaceuticals can be replaced”, says the President of All-Ukrainian Council for Patients’ Rights and Safety Viktor Serdiuk. According to the expert, there are only 20-30 Russian medications that are irreplaceable, however, those are only “placebos”. “Two or three weeks ago everyone went crazy about antigas gangrene serum produced exclusively in Russia. We thought that if it is so essential to have, logically, it is produced in other countries as well, because gangrene exists everywhere. We send a request to our European colleagues to find this serum. And they found it. In [Luis] Pasteur museum! Why? Because since 1939, nowhere else but in Russia they use it”, said Serdiuk. In total, according to his estimates, in 2013 Ukraine imported Russian pharmaceuticals at a cost of 1bln hryvnas.

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