•  На аукционе Christie’s продадут первое издание «Начал» Исаака Ньютона 
  •  Михеил Саакашвили утверждает, что в его "Рух" уже вступили 20 тысяч человек 
  •  Наиболее популярным городом по числу геотегов оказался Нью-Йорк 
  •  Экстази в США станет лекарством 

Rebels allowed investigators from the Netherlands to enter the place of Boeing crash (photo)

 On 06 November 2014 the investigators from the Netherlands and the OSCE monitors arrived to the place of crash of the passenger airliner Boeing near Donetsk. Investigators arrived to the place of crash being accompanied by the employees of the Ministry of Emergency of the self-declared Donetsk people republic (hereafter, DNR). They research fragments and store items found on the plane crash site in the plastic bags. Moreover, experts from the Netherlands set up special warning plates following the perimeters of the largest parts with fragments accumulation. Both investigators and rebels of DNR refuse to provide any comments to the press.

It should be reminded that Malaysia airlines airliner from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur crashed on 17 July killing all 298 passengers. Most of them, 193 persons, were nationals of the Netherlands. 

Transportation of the airliner’s fragments from the territory of Ukraine to the Netherlands can be launched on 07 November 2014.


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