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Svoboda pickets Central Election Commission

Svoboda All-Ukrainian Union has staged a picket outside the building of the Central Election Commission (CEC). Svoboda does not agree with the results of the parliamentary elections held on October 26 and thinks that the main cause of election fraud is "Vladimir Putin and his agents in Ukraine."

A group of candidates from Svoboda came out to the protesters, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.

"A striking difference between the results of exit polls and vote count data published on the website of the Central Election Commission is a sign of massive fraud. According to our calculations, we received 5.26% of the vote and entered parliament. According to the CEC, Svoboda lacks 0.3% to pass the 5% threshold. I am convinced that it was part of the Minsk agreements and our Western partners. Nobody wants to see Svoboda in parliament, both the West with its liberalistic views and misunderstanding of nationalists," Svoboda member Ihor Miroshnichenko said.

Svoboda spokesman Yuriy Syrotiuk, in turn, said that the party would continue to initiate rallies and defend its opinion in the courts. "We'll do everything in a peaceful European manner. After the Revolution of Dignity it's unacceptable to steal the votes of citizens - it's a choice of people," he said.

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