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Russian bombers again seen over Europe

The number of Russian aircraft maneuvers over Europe has increased. In particular, on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 28, many Russian strategic bombers and other military aircraft were identified over the North and Baltic Seas. German and British fighter aircraft were scrambled to intercept them. Such maneuvers were also conducted over the Black Sea.

This was stated by a NATO spokesman, Deutsche Welle reported.

"These sizeable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace," the spokesman said.

The alliance said that it had detected four groups of Russian military aircraft conducting significant military maneuvers in European airspace, but in this case they had not violated the airspace of NATO member states.

NATO stressed that such flights posed a potential risk to civil aviation given that the Russian military often do not file flight plans, or use their on-board transponders. This means civilian air traffic control cannot detect these aircraft nor ensure there is no interference with civilian air traffic.

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