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The banks call off penalties for loan debts of people who live in the ATO area

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law “On temporary measures for the time of the anti-terrorist operation” at the plenary session yesterday, informs the parliament’s official web-site. The law provides for temporary measures to support businesses operating on the territory of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), and persons who live on or flew from the territory of the ATO.

In particular, for the time of the ATO the law prohibits the penalties for loan debts starting from 14 April 2014 for Ukrainian citizens who are registered and live or moved in the period from 14 April 2014 from the cities belonging to the ATO area enlisted in the Cabinet of Ministers list. The banks and other commercial institutions, as well as loan creditors, are obliged to provide the loan debts relief for the persons indicated in the law. 

The law provides for:

-A moratorium on state authorities control activities in the trade area;

-An exemption from payment for the use of the state and community property;

-A moratorium on penalties for the late housing rent and services payments.


The banks call off penalties for loan debts of people who live in the ATO area
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