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iPod Classic now is a very expensive rarity

Three months ago company Apple informed about ceasing production of the iPod Classic – these players are no longer produced and are not sold officially. Just recently the company and its official retailers were trading it, but now it can be bought only from the hands and not for the lowest price.

iPod Classic now is a very expensive rarity

For instance, an unpacked iPod Classic of seventh generation with 160 GB hard drive is for sale in Amazon two times more expensive than before – almost for 490 US dollars. Based on profits of the traders, sales are going well – three thousands players were sold, two more are awaiting their buyers.

The rare models cost more. Last month limited version of iPod Classic of fourth generation with engraved autographs of U2 was out from EBay for the enormous price – 90 thousands US dollars. On Amazon these players cost less – only four thousands US dollars. A real rarity is iPod Classic of the first generation that is for sale for price 25 thousands US dollars. Another vintage iPod was for sale for 180 thousands US dollars, but no buyer dared to buy it for this price, so that it was sold for 20 thousands.

Ukrainian traders have not yet realized that iPod Classic suddenly became a rarity, therefore they sell these players relatively cheap, like usual second-hand good. Popular website OLX offers deals for 2000-3000 hryvnas (around 180 US dollars).

IPod Classic became rarity during its functioning, literally in three months. In September Tim Cook explained why the player was taken off the production. According to him, suppliers became short of the components of this device, while developing a new player consisting of modern accessories is too expensive, in a view of the fact that the consumers prefer to listen music and see video on their smart phones, not on a separate gadget.

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