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UNESCO launches biggest-ever mission to find sunk Christopher Columbus flagship

The United Nations’ cultural and scientific organisation, Unesco announced the world’s largest ever search for Christopher Columbus’ long-lost flagship, the Santa Maria, which had sunk near Haiti coast in 1492. This news first appear at The Independent.

Experts have identified several areas of possible location of remains of a ship which brought Collumbus to the Bahamas on his way to the short trade route to India. The official Unesco report says that the Santa Maria might indeed now lie “under coastal sediment because of possible of shoreline change over time.

Unesco has denied that the wreckage found in May by a group of American archaeologists divers led by Barry Clifford are really the fragments of the flagship. "This ship is not the Santa Maria. The ship was built much later," - says the statement of the organization.

"Vector News" Info

The Santa Maria was built at some stage in the second half of the 15 century in northern Spain’s Basque Country in Galicia. In 1492, Columbus hired the ship sailed accompanied by two other ships the Pinta and the Nina in it from southern Spain’s Atlantic coast via the Canary Islands in search of a new western route to Asia. After 37 days, the 12th of October Columbus reached the Bahamas, what is considered the official date of the discovery of America. On the night of the 25of December his flagship, the Santa Maria, with Columbus on board, drifted at night onto a reef off the northern coast of Haiti and had to be abandoned. So he used his two remaining vessels to sail back to Spain. Today we have no image of the Santa Maria. In 1892, during the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the voyages of Columbus the replica of the Santa Maria was built. There were a lot of models and full sized replicas in the 20 century.

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