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African countries unite in their struggle against ‘Boko Haram’

  • 03.03.2015, 16:29,
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Multinational force struggling with the radical group ‘Boko Haram’ will include 8700 people from five African countries. Formation of the united force was agreed on Saturday between the Republic of Benin, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad

Террористы из радикальной группировки "Боко Харам"

The details of agreement were announced in the end of the three-days meeting of the experts from five countries that took place in the capital of Cameroon, Yaound?.

Hundreds of people participated in the demonstration supporting taking this decision. ‘People of Cameroon say no to the group ‘Boko Haram’. We stand for peace and national unity. No Boko Haram!’  - it was declared by the protesters.

Last Wednesday and Thursday during unexpected attack of the fighters at the city of Fotokol around hundred people were killed and 500 sustained injuries.

When announcing formation of the forces, the representative of the African Union stated that all the participants of the meeting in Yaound? emphasized on urgent necessity of sending troops to fight extremists of the group ‘Boko Haram’. Operational concept of the multinational forces will be approved during the Security Council meeting of the African Union and later in the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile, in January for participation in the operations against extremists state authorities of Chad have already sent their troops to the territory of Cameroon and last week they sent troops to the north-west of Nigeria. 

Гудлак Эбеле Джонатан - президент Нигерии

In Nigeria due to security concerns date of presidential elections was postponed for one and a half month: from 14 of February to 28 of March. It is officially noticed that this move will allow multinational forces to take over the areas of the country taken by the fighters of ‘Boko Haram’. Though, the opposition is not satisfied with this decision; it is known that according to the public inquiries, the opposition leader has a chance to win the presidential elections.

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