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‘Charlie mania’: French people are lining up in a queue to for a new edition of Charlie Hebdo (foto)

  • 23.02.2015, 09:04,
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Vector news’ has already informed that on 14 January the first edition of the satirical weekly digest Charlie Ebdo issued after the terrorist attack on editing company was published. But the sales volumes of the magazine exceed all the predictions. Before the attack the magazine was published in edition of 60000 samples, but only for today half day more than 1.9 million samples were sold. The edition was published in six languages, including English, Arabic and Turkish.

Eyewitnesses inform that a fresh edition instantly disappears from the newspaper kiosks. ‘In the Parisian newspaper shops created a waiting list for the tomorrow’s Charlie Hebdo, - report in Twitter local journalists. – Now we can put the names down and probably to receive the edition on Thursday’. It happens despite of the fact that before the attack Charlie Hebdo was standing on the edge of bankruptcy due to the low sales.

Some businessmen did not lose the opportunity of ‘Charlie mania’ as at the auction eBay lots with the last edition of the magazine with the price of 5 000 euro emerged!

Check the queues for a fresh edition of ‘Chralie’ in Paris and other cities – look at the gallery of ‘Vector news’.



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