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New details over Apple Watch: voice control, maps and fitness-apps

  • 23.02.2015, 08:07,
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Before the beginning of sales of Apple Watch at least a few months prior, while internet was full of rumors of their unique functionality. In particular, edition 9to5mac managed to receive screen shots of the apps-partner for iPhone that allowed predicting possibilities of ‘apple’ watches.

Now we know more about watches then before and can evaluate functionality before the device emerged and take a default judgment on purchase.

Home screen

Owners of Watch will be able to set up the icons location using app for iPhone where the home screen of watch will be duplicated.

New details over Apple Watch: voice control, maps and fitness-apps

Personalization of screen and shares price

- New function ‘Monogram’ will allow to personalize screen by adding initials of an owner or random characters that will be displayed on the dial. Signature can contain from one to four symbols.

- As a notification of a new messages on the iPhone red mark can be chosen that will emerge on the dial

- Displaying shares price can be included in the dial: current price, change dynamics in percentage, market capitalization of a company.


- Due to absence of a keyboard users of Apple Watch will be able to answer messages by using voice. There will be choice between prepared phrases, dictated text with the use of Siri and sending voice messages.

- Users are able to turn on and off the notification on delivered messages.

- Notification on delivered messages is possible to turn on or leave them only for the list of contacts


- Watch owners will be able to turn on and off Taptic Engine in a navigation mode using app-partner when it is needed to make a turn

Special offers

- Following similarity with other Apple products, watch will have a section with settings for disabled.

- For turning this mode on one needs to press a button Digital Crown on the watch three times

- Apple Watch will support technology of VoiceOver transferring the text on the screen

- Users will be able to turn on a special mode of information increase on the screen

- Besides, in the app-partner there will be settings for motion reduction and transparency, disabling animation, managing stereo channels, black and white mode and turning the bold font

New details over Apple Watch: voice control, maps and fitness-apps


- Following similarities with other iOS devices, watch owners will be able to turn on the password containing four symbols for information protection.

- The use of Apple Pay will require compulsory turning on a password.

- Unblocking watch will be possible by unblocking iPhone under the condition that the watch is on the hand.

- It is possible to activate option for deleting all saved information after ten attempts of inserting a password.


- In the app for iPhone one can set the reminders on the necessity of physical exercises every four, six or eight hours, install the goals and receive weekly statistics of activity.

- Users will be able to turn on and off separately the heart rate tracking for calculating calories and pedometers.

Information over device

- In the section of the app for iPhone it will be possible to overview the available space of memory in Apple Watch, amount of saved apps, songs and pictures. Besides, there will be available series number of watch, information on turning it on via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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