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The income from deposit accounts tax will make UAH 8 bln a year

  • 27.08.2014, 14:54,
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The Minister of Finance Alexandr Shlapak says that the recently introduced deposit tax will bring 8bln hryvna to the State budget annually. The Minister added that the tax covers not only the deposit interest. “It includes dividends, investment interest and other forms of income. I would like to remind that this is typical and normal in all European states. We have to get on with this: if you keep your savings at home – it’s your own business. If you invest your money in business, it is active or passive transactions, and this money return interest, it will be subject to taxation”, said Aleksandr Shlapak. He also added, that the tax rate is 15% and the revenue agents is the bank.

“Monthly interest payments will be liable to 15% tax. This will bring 8bln hryvna to the State budget”, he explained.

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