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Pope went to his second tour to Asia (photo reports)

  • 26.01.2015, 07:24,
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From 12 to 19 January 2015 Pope Francis has been to his second foreign tour to the Asian countries. Pope Francis visited South Korea among the first Asian countries in August 2014.

In the frame of Asian tour by now Francis has already visited Sri Lanka. The Pontiff’s visit took place after the President elections that have been won by the candidate from the opposition Maithripala Sirisena who promised to end the harassment of religious groups. ‘To overcome hard inheritance that was brought by the conflict, to end injustice, hostility and mistrust is not the easy task. And it is possible to reach it in a way when the kind overcomes the evil,’ – stated Pope Francis. Visit of Sri Lanka will come to an end tomorrow on 15 January, after that the Pope will travel to the Philippines. Visit of this country became possible upon the urgent request of local bishops. In particular, this invitation was related to the heavy natural calamity that happened in the country one year ago and caused an immeasurable harm: around 8 thousands people died from typhoon and 15 millions suffered from destructions. This was reported by the Administration of Vatican.


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