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NATO is going to set up a base in Georgia

  • 27.10.2014, 09:33,
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Despite all protests of Russian Federation NATO’s infrastructure is going to be created in Georgia. This was announced by Irakli Alasania the Minister of Defense of Georgia.

“Georgia-NATO package proposed to Georgia, which includes – creation of NATO’s infrastructure for defence capacity-building, training, exercises, strengthened liaison, and enhanced interoperability opportunities all this activities are aimed to become an impediment against aggression from Russia. It’s a done deal” claimed Minister. 

It is also said that package includes initiatives oriented to setting up a logistics centre and military school where citizens of NATO members will be able to train.

“If we are talking about threats, the only one in this region is Russian occupation forces in Georgia and Russian aggression towards Ukraine” stated Alasania.

Minister of Defense expressed his hope that in 2015 Russia will be forced to fulfill imposed obligations.

Lets remark that this September NATO decided to set up an international headquarter in Europe and place its units in Poland, Romania, and Baltic countries. 

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