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The best time to eat sweets is morning

  • 17.09.2014, 06:57,
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In the morning metabolic activity increases burning all the excessive calories. The test shows that if you eat a piece of your favorite chocolate cake in the morning, in the evening you may not get any craving for sweets. 193 people suffering from obesity took part in the research. The participants were divided into two groups. The first group was offered a low-carb breakfast (300 calories), the second group got the balanced 600 calories breakfast, including a chocolate dessert. The research took 32 weeks. After 16 weeks participants of both groups lost 15 kilos each (in average). In another 16 weeks, those who had low-card diet gained 10 kilos back. Sweets-lovers lost additional 7 kilos. As a result, in 32 weeks, the members of the second group lost 40kg more that the members of the first group. The scientist say that attempts to exclude sweets from your life can create psychological pressure and addiction, and in a long-term perspective result in a weight gain.



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